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The Ingolstadt Open City Championship becomes more international

Three months before the start of the City Championship on May 1, 2020, we welcome the participation of Grandmaster P.Iniyan from India, Grandmaster Alexander Dgebuadze and the international champions of Nigeria, Daniel Anwuli and Thomas Oparaugo.

The list of participants can be viewed at the following address:List of players

Talk from Professor Dr. Christian Stummeyer at the Ingolstadt City Championship

Dr. Stummeyer is Professor for Digital Commerce, successful management consultant and since 2016 he has held the professorship "Business Informatics and Digital Commerce" at the Ingolstadt University of Technology. His teaching and research focuses on e-commerce, artificial intelligence and digital business.

Professor Stummeyer is the scientific director of AININ ("Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt"), the Bavarian research center for artificial intelligence in Ingolstadt.

In his lecture, the keynote speaker will take the audience on a journey through time, the AI time travel.